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Aura: Particle and aggregate quantification, characterization, ID, and full USP <788> testing

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 8:00 am (PT)

Learn how the Aura system can be a complete tool for your lab’s stability testing and quality control measurements. With the ability to quantify aggregates and particles, identify them as inherent, intrinsic, or extrinsic, and perform analysis with any volume you choose, Aura offers continuity of method like no other instrument can. Perform early stage analysis with very little volume and use the same instrument to perform large volume particle counts in your entire container.

Protein or Not? Advanced Aggregate and Particle Analysis with Aura

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 12:00 pm (EST)

In protein-based formulations, distinguishing aggregated API from other particle types is important for understanding the root cause of instability. Until now, existing methods have been either unreliable or too cumbersome and difficult to use in many workflows. Here we introduce the Aura system, a 96-well low-volume aggregate and particle imaging system that can rapidly size, count, and characterize particles and identify them as proteins, non-proteins, hydrophobic, or other types of molecules.

Learning Objectives

    • Characterize aggregates that are not detected by other methods
    • Identify the source of particles to develop the right mitigation approaches
    • Classify particles as inherent, intrinsic, or extrinsic
    • Characterize critical quality attributes early in development
    • Use a USP compendial method to characterize stability throughout development